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Note moyenne : 8.0
Nombre de parties jouées : 1

RRR (2010)

  • Hayato Kisaragi, Seiji Kanai
  • Japon Brand

Description :

RRR (Regality vs. Religion: Revolution) is an advanced version of the basic game RR designed by Seiji Kanai

RR is a two-player full-information abstract game. Both players have the same set of pawns. The players take turns placing pawns on a 3x3 square playing field. Each pawn placed will either turn or destroy one or more of the pawns surrounding it. A game is finished when all nine squares are filled with pawns. At that time, the winner is the holder of most pawns which are facing in one's own direction.

RRR introduces new pawns to the game. At the start of the game, five neutral pawns are randomly selected from a stack of 11, which are available to both players, adding variation to each game.

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